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Jean Marc Herve Abelard

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"Photography is my second life," says Jean Marc, a diplomat by training and a former employee of the Haitian foreign affairs ministry. Since returning to school for a diploma in photography, however, he has immersed himself in photojournalism, which he says he approaches with the eye of an artist. A member of the Kolektif 2 Dimansyon, he has been published by Le Nouvelliste, AP, Washington Post, Yahoo News, France 24, Radio Canada, CBC News and collaborated with Discovery Channel.


Vladimir Maurice Ridore

Vladimir is a reporter for Radio Kisekya and a trainee pastor.


Michel Joseph

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Michel Joseph was born in Port-au-Prince in 1988. He studied journalism at the Institut Supérieur de Communication de de langue Française. He is a member of the Union International de la Presse Francophones. He works as a reporter for Radiotelevision Caraibes. He is one of the few reporters in Haiti to specialize in social issues, and has received international recognition for his pioneering work in the field. Among his awards are the Young Journalist in Haiti (2015), the Prix Philippe Chaffanjon for Multimedia Reporting (2016), the Super Prix Jeune Francophone (2017) and the Prix de Personnalite Radio TV & Internet (2017).


Edine Celestin

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Born in Port-au-Prince in 1984, Edine is a photographer and human rights activist. Her first studies were in social work at the Faculty of Human Sciences at the State University of Haiti, before discovering her true calling. She then studied photography at the Centre d'Etudes Photographique et Cinematographiques in Port-au-Prince, subsequently taking workshops with well-known photographers Paolo Woods, Gael Turine, Gabriele Galimberti, Magdalena Herrer and Nicola Lo Calzo. She works as a photojournalist with the newspaper Le Nouvelliste, where she also does print reporting. She is a founding member of the photographers' collective Kolektif 2 Dimansyon and she has worked with international media outlets such as Le Monde and Mediapart, as well as with businesses, NGOs and other private organizations. She is currently engaged in a documentary project about the 1969 massacre in Cazal (Haiti), under the direction of lo Calzo, whom she considers a mentor and role-model. One of Edine's goals as a photographer is to bring down the barriers between artisitic and documentary photography.

Edine fèt nan Pòtoprens nan lane 1984, li se fotograf epi militan dwa moun. Li te etidye an  premye li travay sosyal nan Fakilte Syans Moun nan Inivèsite Leta Dayiti, anvan li dekouvri  veritab pasyon li ki se fotografi. Pou sa li t al etidye fotografi nan Centre d'Etudes Photographique et Cinematographiques nan Pòtoprens. Aprè ke li te swiv plizyè atelye ak plizyè fotograf tankou : Paolo Woods, Gael Turine, Gabriele Galimberti, Magdalena Herrer ak Nicola Lo Calzo, li travay kòm fotojounalis pou jounal Le Nouvelliste. Li se youn nan manm fondatè Kolektif 2 Dimansyon, yon kolektif fotograf an Ayiti, li abitye travay ak medya entènasyonal tankou Le Monde ak Mediapart, li travay tou ak biznis, ONG ak lòt òganizasyon prive. Li aktyèlman angaje nan yon pwojè dokimantè sou masak 1969 la nan Cazal (Ayiti), anba direksyon Nicola Lo Calzo, yon moun li konsidere kòm yon konseye, yon modèl. Youn nan objektif Edine kòm fotograf se kraze baryè ki genyen ant foto atistik ak foto dokimantè.


Harold Isaac

Harold Isaac is in charge of Technology for Radio Kiskeya S.A. in Haiti and local director for ZenoMedia, a US technology company and media partner in Haiti.

Harold runs a weekly column about technology called “TeknoSyans” on
Radio Kiskeya.

Harold is a graduate of Concordia University (Canada). He holds a bachelor's degree in electroacoustics with a specialty in audio technique and sound design. Harold also has a background in network administration and computer systems.


Vanessa Legere

Vanessa has been a journalist for four years, and is currently employed by Radio Tele Metropole, one of Port-au-Prince's largest broadcasters. Before that she worked for Radio Lumiere.

She loves covering social themes, subjects that Haitians are often unfamiliar with, or prefer not to discuss publicly. These include female sexuality, child abuse, Haitian albinos and poverty in some of Haiti's less visible slumns. During Haiti's recent civil strife, she produced a story on a group of young singers in a Port-au-Prince ghetto trying to use their voices to bring peace. The story is currently competing for an OIF journalism award.

Vanessa also studied theology at the "Universite Lumiere de Carrefour".

Non mwen se  Vanessa Léger Dorélien. Mwen gen 4 ans Nan metye jounalis la, men sa fè yon lane depi m ap  travay nan radio tele Métropole Nan peyi Dayiti. Avan sa mwen te nan Radio Lumière. Mwen te aprann teknik metye a Nan Ku Productions.

Mwen renmen Fe repotaj sosyal. Rakonte listwa moun pa konnen, limen limyè sou sa moun pa wè. Mwen renmen trete sijè moun pa vle pale Nan sosyete a. Gen yon sijè mwen te trete Nan mwa desanm 2017, Sou ògasm lakay fanm. Mwen te dekouvri yon pakèt bagay. E repòtaj sa toujou fe anpil fanm reyaji. Mwen te fè yon repòtaj tou sou jan paran ayisyen bat timoun. Yon fòm vyolans anpil sikolog pa ankouraje. Apre sa mwen te reyalize yon repòtaj Sou asèlman. Mwen te rankontre tou ak de albinòs, yo te rakontem fason yo Viv Nan sosyete a ki ba yo anpil pwoblèm. Mwen te Fe yon repotaj tou Sou sitiyasyon matisan an.

Aktyelman mwen ap patisipe Nan yon konkou repotaj OIF ap oganize. Sijè a se de Jenn gason ki deside chante, pou mete lapè nan twazyem sikonskripsyon potoprens, kote gang ak zam ap goumen lan. Yo poko bay rezilta yo.

Pou kounya, mwen ap etidye Teoloji Nan “Université Lumière de Carrefour”.


Phares Jerome

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Jean Pharés Jérôme is an editor at Le Nouvelliste, Haiti's largest and oldest daily newspaper. He started working at the newspaper as a reporter in 2006, covering Haitian politics, economics, and since 2010, Haiti’s post-earthquake reconstruction. He was the winner of the HIV/AIDS contest organized by Panos Caraibes in Port-au-Prince, Haiti in December 2006. He aspires to train other Haitian journalists to connect more intimately with their subjects. He has published a collective book Portraits parlementaires and another on the Haiti post-earthquake. Jerome has a Bachelors degree in Social Communication and a Masters degree in Population and Development from the State University of Haiti. He has also studied development journalism at the India Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) in India.

Jean Phares JEROME, se mamb sekretaria jounal Le Nouvelliste, jounal ki soti chak jou ki pi ansyen an Ayiti. Li te antre nan jounal nan lane 2006, depi lè sa a li komanse fè repotaj sou tout kalite sijè tankou politik, ekonomi epi aprè tranblemen tè 12 janvye 2010 la, li te fè anpil atik sou rekonstriksyon zon ki te kraze yo. Nan mwa desanm 2006, Jerome te ranpote konkou Panos Caraibes te oganiza sou maladi SIDA. Phares te responsab kouvri travay palman ant 2006 ak 2010 pou jounal Le Nouvelliste. Li konn kolabore – travay kom pijis – pou plizyè media etranje ki twouve an Frans, an Swis, Ozetazini ak nan anpil lot peyi. A kote travay li kom jounalis, Jerome anseye jounalis nan Inivesite Leta Dayiti. Epi li te pibliye yon liv ak plizyè lot jounalis sou « Potrè palmantè » yo. Li bay kontribisyon l tou nan yon liv ki rele « Ayiti Pale » ki trete de  rekonstriksyon peyi apre gwo tranbleman tè 12 janvye 2010 la. Jerome gen yon lisans nan Kominikasyon sosyal nan fakilte « Sciences humaines » nan Inivèsite Leta epi li gen yon metriz nan devlopman ak popilasyon nan menm inivesite ya. Li fè yon etid avanse nan jounalis ak devlopman nan peyi Inde.


Reginald Louissaint Junior

Reginald Louissaint Junior is a Haitian documentary photographer. He was born in 1986 and is a founding member of the Haitian photographers' collective Kolektif 2 Dimansyon. After studying linguistics, he turned to photography, with a strong interest in documentary style. Among his works are "Les hotels de luxe" and "Grand Rue", published with the help of Fokal. In 2015, he held a residency in the Ecole Nationale Superieure de la Photographie d'Arles in France. His photos has been exhibited in the exhbition "Visa pour l'image" in Perpignan in 2017, along with other members of K2D. He has also collaborated with national and international press, including Le Nouvelliste, Le Monde and USA Today.

Reginald Louissaint Junior se yon Fotograf dokimantè ayisyen ki fèt nan lane 1986 e li se manm fondatè kolektif fotograf jounalis ayisyen an “Kolektif 2 Dimansyon”. Apre etid li nan lengistik, li fè chwa fotografi kote li panche plis sou estil dokimantè. Pami travay li yo nou jwenn “les hotels de luxe” epi “Grand Rue”, pibliye FOKAL. Li pibliye nan revi kolektif 2 Dimansyon “FOTOPAKLE” yon revi tematik. Nan lane 2015, li te nan rezidans nan “Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie” a Arles nan peyi Lafrans. Li patisipe nan festival “Visa pour l’image” Perpignan an 2017 avèk kolektif li a. Li kolabore tou ak laprès nasyonal e entènasyonal tankou: “NOUVELLISTE”, journal “LE MONDE”, “USA TODAY”.


Aida Alami

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Aida is a freelance journalist who covers North Africa and other places. She regularly contributes to The New York Times, Al Jazeera English, Foreign Policy, the Financial Times and USA Today. She grew up in Marrakesh and moved to New York City at the age of 18. She got her BA in Media Studies from Hunter College and her Masters in Journalism from Columbia University. She is  also a member of Associated Reporters Abroad and on the advisory board of the 2014 Peabody Award winner Round Earth Media.

Aida se yon jounalis endepandan ki kouvri Lafrik di No (Maghreb) ak lòt rejyon nan mond lan. Aida pote anpil kontwibisyon nan New York Times, Al Jazeera (an anglè) Foreign Policy , The Financial Times ak USA Today. Aida gwandi nan Maraakesh men li te demenaje nan vil New York lò li té genyen 18 lane. Li te etidye nan Hunter College kote li resevwa yon diplòm BA nan Media Studies epi li fè yon Mastè kom Jounalis nan Columbia University. Aida se yon manm nan Associated Reporters Abroad epi li manm konsey Peabody Award kite genyen pri Round Earth Media nan lane 2014 .


Amy Bracken

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Amy is an independent reporter and radio producer who covers migration, economic development and human rights. She is based in Boston but has reported extensively from Haiti over the last decade, as well as from elsewhere in the Caribbean, Central and North America, and Europe. She is a graduate of the Columbia University School of Journalism and the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, where she wrote a Master's thesis on the detention of asylum-seekers. For her reporting on psychological trauma post-earthquake in Haiti, she received the Mental Health America award. As a French-American Foundation Immigration Journalism Fellow, she visited detention and alternatives in Florida and Texas. And with a grant from the Fund for Investigative Journalism, she interviewed sugar cane workers and employers in the Dominican Republic as a part of her research into labor protections in international trade agreements. Her radio pieces have been broadcast by PRI’s The World, Latino USA, and NPR, and her articles have appeared in Al Jazeera America, The Christian Science Monitor, and Foreign Policy, among others.

Amy se yon repòtè endepandan , li se yon prodiktè radyo ki kouvri kesyon sou imigwasyon, devlopman ekonomik, ak dwa moun. Amy baze nan Boston men de Ayiti etan li téfè anpil repotaj pandan 10 lane . Menm jan li rive fè repotaj lòt kote nan Karayb la, nan Amerik santral , nan Amerik di Nò ak na Ewop. Amy te yon eydyan nan Columbia University ak nan Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy kote li ekri yon tèz metriz sou kondysyon prizon ou tout koté yo fèmen refijye yo kap mande azil. Amy te resevwa yon meday nan men asosiasyon Mental Health America pou repotaj li te fè; sou tromatism sikologik kolektif ke Ayisyen sibi apre goudougoudou 2010 la. Pandan ke Amy tap fè rechèch kom bousye pou French American Foundation Immigration, li te profite vizite kèk kamp prizon nan Floride ak Texas. Amy te resevwa yon sipo financye lan men Fund for Investigate Journalism , pou li te fè antrevi nan Repiblik dominikèn ak moun kap travay nan chan kann yo ak lòt travayè tou nan Repiblik dominikèn ,Amy té fè enkèt sa yo paske li asosye ak proteksyon ,respè , antant ki dwe pwoteje travayè yo. Dokiman radyo ke Amy pwodui yo te pase nan radyo tankou PRI’s The World, Latino USA , NPR. Atik Amy yo te biblyé nan jounal Al Jazeera America, The Christian Science Monitor , Foreign Policy elatrye.


Conrad Fox

Conrad lived in Mexico for 15 years, where he worked as freelance radio and print reporter. His work appeared on the BBC World Service, NPR and CBC, as well as Christian Science Monitor and Canadian Press. He lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where he runs a local soccer club for immigrant youth. He is currently writing a web app to take the drudgery out of radio reporting. Find out more at his page.

Conrad te abite Meksik pandan 15 lane kote li te travay kom jounalis endepandan nanyon estasyon radyo ak nan yon jounal . Nou ka konsilte dokiman li pwodui nan BBC World Service, NPR, CBC , Christian Science Monitor ak nan Canadian Press. Conrad ap viv nan vil Halifax kote lap dirije yon ekip football pou jenn imigran. Li ap travay sou yon projè pou kreye yon site entènet kote li ap bay konsèy pou fè repotaj radyo san pwoblem . Ou ka jwen plis detay sou projè sa nan sit entènet pèsonèl li.


Beverley Abel

Beverley Abel originally from South Africa, spent a decade in London producing TV documentaries for the BBC, Channel 4, ITV and CBC. In the US, she completed a Master's degree in Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. She was a producer at NPR affiliate WUNC for several years before becoming Senior Producer of the World Vision Report. During her tenure, the show won 23 prestigious national awards, including two Edward R. Murrows, and a Gracie award for the Best National Radio magazine program. Her recent work includes Latitudes, a global affairs series for WAMU in Washington DC, documentaries for WUNC/CPB (The American Graduate series; Returning to Haiti) and an 8-part TV series for Al Jazeera (English).

Beverley Abel fèt an Lafrik di Sid epi li pase 10 lane nan Lond kote li pwodui dokiman televisyon pou BBC, Channel 4, ITV ak CBC. Li te resevwa yon diplòm metriz kom jounalis ak yon espesializatyon  lan Mass Communication  nan University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Beverly   pwodui anpli dokiman pou  NPR nan filial WUNC pandan pliziè lane avan li te vin prodiktè senio nan World Vision Report. Lò li te okipe pos sa , cho li te pwodui a  resevwa 20 pri  nasyonal  respektab   pami yo 2 pri Edward R Murrows, ak 1 pri Gracie pou pi bon pwogram  magazin radio nan Etazini. Pami dènye travay li yo, ou jwen Latitudes ki se yon seri sou zafè intènasyonal pou WAMU nan Washington DC , dokiman pou WUNC/CPB  (The Amerivan Graduate series; Returning to Haiti) ak yon seri television  compose de 8  epizod  pou AL Jazeera (nan lang anglè)  


Mike Zerby

Mike Zerby is an award-winning photojournalist and educator. He was an associate director of the International Photojournalism Workshops, sponsored by the University of Missouri in Bulgaria and Hungary and a faculty member for Somosfoto workshop in Quito, Ecuador sponsored by the University of Miami. In addition to a long career at the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Zerby has photographed for the New York Times, Washington Post, National Geographic, Time, Newsweek, Business Week, Forbes and Geoworld among other publications. His assignments were many and varied, and included being embedded with invading Marines during the recent Iraq war, where he shot stills and video for his paper.

Mike se yon fotojounaliski resevwa pliziè pri pou travay li. Mike se yon edikatè tou. Li  te direktè asosyé nan atelye fotojounalis entènasyonal ki finanse pa University of Missouri nan  Bulgari ak nan  Hungary. Li se manb fakilte nan atelye Somosfoto ki nan Quito, Ecuador ki finanse pa University of Miami.  A kote yon long karyè ke Mark Zerby fè nan Minneapolis Star Tribune, li fotografye pou pliziè medya tankou New York Times, Washington Post, National Geographic, Time, Newsweek, Business Week, Forbes ak Geoworld. Travay fotojounalis li te  diferan  epi li te parèt anpil  tankou lo li te akonpanye solda Marines  yo nan denyè envazyon nan Irak, li te pibliye de bèl foto ak video.


Mary Stucky

Co-founder of Round Earth Media, Mary Stucky is the Executive Director and lead journalist.
She has broad media experience as a long-time contributor to national shows on public and commercial radio and TV, including shows on National Public Radio, Public Radio International and America Public Media (e.g., Marketplace, The World, All Things Considered), CBS Radio, FRONTLINE/World, NBC-TV and ABC-TV affiliates, Telemundo, and Univision.
In 2012, Stucky launched a ground-breaking program in Morocco, working one-on-one with college students who aspire to be the next generation of foreign correspondents.  This first-of-its-kind program devoted to global journalism is in collaboration with SIT Study Abroad.
Stucky’s reports on Chinese and Hmong immigrants were part of the documentary series “Crossing East,” which won a 2006 Peabody Award, broadcasting’s highest honor. Her reporting awards also include the New York Festival’s Gold World Medal.
Prior to founding Round Earth, Stucky was a reporter/anchor for the NBC-TV affiliate in Minneapolis. She is a graduate of Carleton College in Northfield, Minn.

Mary se yon jounalis veteran , li se  ko-fondatè ak  direktè egzekitif  Round Earth Media  Mary chaje ak anpil eksperyans nan domèm medya pwodiktè  pliziè cho piblik ak komèsyal nan radyo  ak televisyon. Li  kolabore nan cho ki parèt sou Naitional Public Radio ,Public Radio Radio International,  America Public Media ( tankou  Market Place , The World, All Things Considered ) ,   CBS Radio, FRONTLINE / World, NBC-TV, ABC-TV, filial Telemundo ak Univisio.
Nan lane 2012, Mary te travay nan Marok kote li te lanse yon pwogram revolisyonè lo li te travay tèt ansam,  ak yon ekip etidyan nan colèj ki te candida pou vin pwochen jenerasyon korespondan etranje. Pwogram sere-sere sa kite konsakre  pou jounalis mondyal té fèt an kolaborasyon ak SIT study Abroad.
Repotaj Mary fè sou imigran Chinwa ak Hmong te fè pati yon seri dokomantè ki rele ‘’ Crossing East ‘’ ki te resevwa  nan lane 2006 pri Peabody ki se pi gwo pri distenksyon nan domèn medya. Li resevwa  lot pri prestji. Tou tankou  New York Festival’s Gold Word Medal.
Avan li te fonde Round Earth, Mary Stucky te repotè pou yon filial estasyon television NBC-TV nan Minneapolis. Mary gradyé nan Carleton College, Northfield , Minn.


Mark Porubcansky

Mark Porubcansky, former foreign editor of the Los Angeles Times, has been a correspondent, editor and analyst of international news for more than 30 years.

In an 11-year career as a correspondent for The Associated Press, he was based in Moscow, Vienna and Hong Kong. In Moscow, Porubcansky covered Mikhail Gorbachev’s reforms and the disintegration of the Soviet Union. Based in Vienna, he reported on the Balkan conflicts of the 1990s and Central Europe’s transition from communism, as well as directing coverage by a team of two dozen journalists. In Hong Kong, he reported on the immediate aftermath of the territory’s handover to Chinese rule.

At the Los Angeles Times, he was the lead editor on global projects that won major U.S. journalism awards, shaped coverage of news events and managed correspondents on five continents. Times correspondents reporting to Porubcansky were finalists for the 2014 Pulitzer Prize in International Reporting for their coverage from both sides of the Syrian civil war. Porubcansky now writes on foreign affairs for MinnPost, an online news site based in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Mark se yon ansyen editè etranje pou Los Angeles Time. Li pase plis ke 30 lane kom korespondan , editè, ak analis pou  nouvel entènasyonal .

Lò li te korespondan pou The Associated Press kote li te travay pandan 11 lane , li te baze  a Moscow, Vienne, ak Hong Kong . Lo li te abite Moscow, li te kouvri anpil aktivite nan refòm Gorbachev yo epi apre li te rapòte tout evenman ki te pase nan dezintegrasyon rejim Inyon  Sovyetik la.  Lò li te Vienne, Mark te fè kèk repotaj sou konfli ki te ravaje zon Balkan nan lane 90 yo epi li te pwodui dokiman sou transition péyi Ewop Santral yo fè lo mouvman kominis lan te fini. Lan tan sa, Mark tap dirije tou  yon ekip  pwodiktion ak 2 douzèn jounalis ki tap kouvri zon lan.  Lò li te Hong Kong,  Mark te pwodui yon bon dokiman sou konsekans transfè teritwa a Hong Kong  ki pasé sou dominasyon leta Chinwa.

Lò li tap travay pou los Angeles Times, Mark te yon edité prensipal pou projè ki konsène jounalis entènasyinal yo ki te korespondan nan sink kontinan . Li te anchaj tout korespondan etranje sa yo ki  pami ladan yo te finalis pou pri Politzer pou yon repotaj objektif ke yo te fè sou kombatan yo nan lagè sivil  ki ap ravaje  péyi Syrie . Kouné ya Porubcanscy ap ekri atik sou sijè intènasyonal pou you site entènet nouvèl  ki rélé Minn nan Minneapolis-Saint